About Pivotte

Pivotte is tailored clothing made with innovative fabrics, designed to help driven women move freely through the lives they design.
Everything in the line is stretchy and comfortable, machine-washable, and iron-free. Smart fabrics from Switzerland, Germany and Japan hold shape and conform to your body in all the right places so you look and feel your best.
“I wear the 24/7s because I feel good in them. It sounds overly simple but when I show up wearing something I feel good in, I show up better.” Aileen Sun, Product Owner at Mashey
pivotte founders Evelyn Frison and Yehua Yang
Designer and cofounder Yehua Yang previously designed highly detailed red-carpet attire for stars like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian. With Pivotte, she brings her eye for precision and expert tailoring to everyday wear, and updates it in technical, smart fabrics for ultimate versatility and wearability. The result is feminine and clean, sleek silhouettes that can be worn everyday, everywhere.
(How we started)

Women's pants are terrible.

Jeans either stretch out or have zero give. Trousers can sit funny and you deal with constant readjustment. Leggings and sweatpants are too informal for many occasions.

Uncomfortable pants kill confidence. But the dilemma is - pants are also practical and a necessary wardrobe item. So we set out to improve on what was out there.

Our Solution: The 24/7s - which have now they've sold out six times! 

The tailored 24/7s are made of a special Swiss fabric that kind of holds you in, yet provides ultimate flexibility– and wearability. Nano-coated, they are water and stain resistant - which means you can wash them less. And when you do - throw them in the machine. To top it off, 5 sleek zippered pockets can hold important belongings.

Since the 24/7’s release, we’ve grown the pants collection, guided by the objective to make wearers feel good. It sounds overly simple, but it’s not to be underestimated. All our pants look sharp, act smart* – and have useable pockets, as noticed by FastCo and the Economist's 1843 magazine.

We know that when you feel good, you are confident. When you’re confident, you show up better. So we aim to help women do just that

Concepted by childhood best friends, Yehua Yang and Evelyn Frison, Pivotte is an amalgamation of their shared love of design and their shared hatred of women’s pants.

Fun Fact: Yehua and Evelyn met as roommates at a Math & Science boarding school where they created a fashion line as a senior thesis project–never once imagining this was the first touchpoint in a future business. They attended different universities and initially pursued distinct careers - Evelyn in Advertising and Yehua in Fashion. They joined forces to solve the issue of bad pants, and rallied around the mission to fuel women’s success through clothing that inspires confidence.

Pivotte is women-owned, sustainable, and made in NYC