What do you wear for pants that aren’t leggings or jeans?

Recently, we saw this question in a Forever35 Facebook post 

Given the long list of comments, it seems like this is the holy grail pant women are searching for. Which is music to our ears because this is exactly why we started Pivotte in the first place. 

Women’s jeans are either too stiff and cut into you at all the wrong places, or with stretch-they bag out so you’re constantly tugging on them. And then leggings, honestly, are great. But - work appropriate? No. And sometimes - you just get tired of looking like you’re about to run a race. 

Women from all corners of the US posted their favorite alternatives. Here’s a roundup.

  1. From yours truly - the balanced (between formal and casual) and jean-inspired Bravi (the 24/7s work too)
  2. If you want something very casual and loose: Knix - Modal Lounge Pant 
  3. Elastic Waistband from Athleta

Not to get too salesy...but, the differentiating factor between the Bravi and other options, is the technical fabric that offers a lot of stretch, water resistance, and ultimately, comfort. Additionally, we think it’s jean-like silhouette is a little more sleek and can be more in a variety of environments ;)

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