Celebrating International Women's Day with Naaya Wellness

We first heard of Naaya Wellness through the Will & Way newsletter*.

We partnered with them to offer 20% off Pivotte and 20% of proceeds going to the organization.

Use Code: Naaya20


Naaya, which is the Shona word for healing, “roots BIPOC in their well-being through decolonizing wellness. We want to be a brave space for BIPOC to show up for their wellbeing in the fullness of their humanity.”

We partnered with them because we believe in the importance of their goal to “shift the paradigm that tells us that in order to be well, you have to be white, affluent and able bodied.” The current narrative and identity around “wellness” positions it as an aspirational, luxurious, exclusive–and white, lifestyle. This is problematic. 

If you were considering a Pivotte purchase, consider making it now (until the end of March) so Naaya can continue to facilitate events and experiences, and provide education to enable folks to gain agency in their well-being. 

*Will & Way is a weekly newsletter funneling creative + tech jobs and resources to Women of Color. Sign up!

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