... and We're Back

We owe everyone a deep and sincere apology. We completely disappeared without communication, and many of you lost orders and couldn’t get in touch with us.

Nothing we say will make up for the inconvenience, worry and disappointment some of you were put through regarding your order status. It’s unacceptable that no one ever responded to messages and provided updates. We wouldn’t want to be treated this way as customers. 

As an explanation and not an excuse, Covid-19 had an enormous impact on our business. 

Our office was completely shut down, and we couldn’t enter the building for months. Our office had everything, including our computers, inventory, and other materials. Covid-19 greatly affected most businesses along the retail chain - from mills to factories to warehouses to ecommerce. And ours was no different. We had to shut down the site, cancel orders and eventually move offices, and more. 

However, none of this is an excuse for lack of basic communication. Some of you slipped through the cracks and that shouldn't have happened. We sincerely apologize for not living up to the values you expect of us.

This situation has provided a humbling learning experience and now, we are in the processing of reaching out to everyone affected and will try our best to make it right.

Evelyn & Yehua

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